National Advanced Driving Simulator Building

National Advanced Driving Simulator Building

NADS Building
2401 Oakdale Boulevard
Formal Name: 
National Advanced Driving Simulator Building
Neumann Monson, Iowa City, IA

Built into a slope on the Oakdale Campus, the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS) is the most sophisticated facility of its kind. The starkly functionalist building accommodates a simulation chamber within which a twenty-four-foot-diameter sphere that contains the vehicle to be tested moves. This laboratory allows University of Iowa researchers, the Iowa Department of Transportation, and private entities throughout the world the opportunity to assess ground vehicles in a setting that nearly precisely approximates real driving conditions.
The NADS building functions as an assembly of shapes, expressing on its exterior the geometries and masses of the functional units contained within. A largely utilitarian steel-frame structure, the building uses Post-modern accents to add detail to its facade. Differing shades of the corrugated metal siding denote the different activities of the building’s sections and create visual relationships with other nearby Oakdale buildings. Small sunshades protecting the office windows also signal the distinction between areas. The sun-filled entry lobby, with an aluminum-framed glass wall and half-gable steel-frame canopy, uses its choice of forms to convey a message of welcome to visitors.


The building is accessible to persons with disabilities.

All entrances are accessible to persons with disabilities. The main entrance is located on the south side of the building and is equiped with a power door opener.
Accessible parking spaces are located south of the building.
All restrooms in the building are accessible to persons with disabilities.