108 River Street

108 River Street

108 River Street (RIV 8)

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  • Division of Performing Arts
108 River Street
Formal Name: 
108 River Street

The three facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. They are located at the end of a paved drive adjacent to fraternity parking lots off of Ellis Street. A designated parking space is available. (See below.)

This facility is accessed by the UI Cambus Bionic Bus 335-7595. Except for one accessible parking space the site is intended to be pedestrian oriented. Parking is not available to students or the general public visiting these buildings.

The elevator entrance to the main building is located on the north side and is accessible directly from the parking area. The wheelchair accessible path to both of the adjacent studios is from the east side of Music Studio A from the walkway north of the main building at 108 River Street. The walkway from River Street to the building has five flights of stairs up a steep embankment.
A designated accessible parking space is located just north of the elevator entrance of the main facility. A paved driveway passes through the gravel parking area of adjacent fraternities and apartments.
All restrooms in the main building are accessible. Accessible men's and women's restrooms are located at basement level first floor and third floor.
The elevator is located inside the main entrance of the primary facility facing the parking lot. The elevator accesses all levels of 108 River Street. The modular facilities are single-level.