Technology Innovation Center

Technology Innovation Center


2261 Crosspark Road
Formal Name: 
Technology Innovation Center

As part of the Oakdale State Tuberculosis Sanatorium, the Medical Admissions Building processed new patients for treatment. In 1937, the construction of a new medical admissions wing on the sanatorium proper made that function obsolete, and the building was converted into a nurses’ dormitory. Decades later, the 1981 incorporation of tubercular patients into the wards of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics freed the building again and, since 1984, it has been home to the Technology Innovation Center. This program, the University of Iowa’s business incubator, provides laboratory space and technical support to academics and entrepreneurs working in collaboration. Their projects then continue to fruition as new commercial enterprises in the Oakdale Research Park.
Like Oakdale Hall and its cluster of associated buildings, the Technology Innovation Center is a minimally ornamented red-brick structure. Detailing on the facade is rudimentary with a limestone keystone in the porch’s arch, a gabled central dormer, and soldiering of the brick toward the top of the wall. The one exception to this minimal detailing is the double-armed cross inset at the corners of the main facade. This unusual embellishment is the Cross of Lorraine, sometimes known as the Patriarchal Cross. The crusader Godefroy de Boullion, Duke of Lorraine, made it his standard after capturing Jerusalem in 1099. In 1920, the American Lung Association adopted the Cross of Lorraine as a symbol of its crusade against tuberculosis. Its incorporation into the design of this building just four years later makes this one of the earliest examples of the architectural use of this symbol.


This building is not accessible to persons with disabilities. For information call the Technology Innovation Center at 335-4063.