The University of Iowa

Lactation room

Name/Description Building

Room W112

Adler Journalism and Mass Communication Building
Art Building West

Women's restroom, basement

Biology Building East

Room 404A

Blank Honors Center

Room 4666-A

Bowen Science Building

First floor restroom

Calvin Hall

Room E149A

Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

Room W427A

Chemistry Building

Room S042

College of Public Health Building

Room 21A

Eckstein Medical Research Building

Room C538

General Hospital

First floor women's restroom

Iowa Memorial Union

Room 5027

Main Library

Room L198A

Medical Education Research Facility

Room 2107

Medical Laboratories

Women's restroom, basement

Nursing Building

Room S353

Pappajohn Business Building

Room 307

Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Building

Room C232

Pomerantz Center

Room 1500

Pomerantz Family Pavilion

2nd floor, women's restroom

Schaeffer Hall

Room 4521

Seamans Center

Room 305

Stuit Hall

Rooms 2510B, 2055, first floor women's restroom

University Capitol Centre

3rd floor, women's restroom

University Services Building