Karro Athletic Hall of Fame

Karro Athletic Hall of Fame

Karro Athletic Hall of Fame

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  • Athletic Licensing Program
  • Hall of fame and museum


  • - Rooms 112, 120
2425 Prairie Meadow Drive
Formal Name: 
Roy G. Karro Athletic Hall of Fame
HLKB Architecture, Des Moines, IA

Celebrating the history of University of Iowa athletics, the Roy G. Karro Building (also called the Karro Athletics Hall of Fame), houses the University of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame, an anchor for the Athletics Campus. Since its construction, the area around it has been further developed with the addition of a new tennis and recreation facility, a soccer stadium, and the relocated Grant Field hockey stadium. The Hall of Fame makes the achievements of University athletics accessible to the public—including Nile Kinnick’s famed Heisman Trophy.
The building itself, constructed of cast-in-place concrete, exposed structural steel, and standing seam metal roofing, is formally tied to the sporting facilities celebrated within. While the design is contemporary, it recalls a spectrum of athletic venues in both form and choice of materials. The three-story atrium not only orients the building toward the University’s Finkbine Golf Course, but its broad expanse of glazing also accentuates the Hall of Fame’s message of welcome. Approaching visitors see in and light streams out, turning the glass into a marquee by night. The building includes subgrade support and service space, a three-story atrium, meeting rooms, and two levels of display space. Topping the entire structure, an interactive area allows young fans to practice shooting baskets and kicking field goals. The rigorously geometrical facade with four square central bays, each with a smoked-glass curtain wall and crisscrossed with tie rods, gives the building much of its unpretentious appearance. Brutalist end-bay walls continue the geometry and contain the building’s horizontal composition. The site, adjacent to a protected wetland, was developed with green architectural practices in mind. Runoff is controlled by a meadow wetlands pond that also maintains an ecological balance between plant and animal wildlife. Landscaping with native prairie grasses and the use of drainage swales in the parking lot also minimize the Hall of Fame’s environmental impact.


The building is fully accessible to people with disabilities. Two motorized wheelchairs are available for guest use.

The main entrance on the west side of the building is wheelchair accessible. Please note that vehicle traffic is not allowed on the bridge leading to the building.
Accessible parking is available near the main entrance. For more information call 319/384-1031.
All restrooms in the building are accessible. Facilities are located on the main floor and on the third floor.
There is an elevator located near the main entrance.