Pappajohn Business Building

Pappajohn Business Building

Pappajohn Business Building

What You'll Find Here

  • Tippie College of Business
  • Accounting Department
  • Copy Center
  • Economics Department
  • Finance Department
  • John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (JPEC)
  • Management and Organizations Department
  • Management Sciences Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Pat’s Diner
  • Classrooms and faculty offices


21 East Market Street
Formal Name: 
John Pappajohn Business Building
Architectural Resources, Cambridge, Massachusetts / Neumann Monson Architects, Iowa City, Iowa

The John Pappajohn Business Building architecturally embodies the study of business at the University of Iowa. Founded as the College of Commerce, the Tippie College of Business has outgrown a succession of homes, most recently Phillips Hall. Pappajohn Business Building also houses several related endeavors, including the Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center and the Small Business Development Center. These affiliated bodies work locally and regionally to assist Iowa-based businesses.
When the UI’s College of Business moved from Phillips Hall, a rigorously Modernist building that consciously rejected the traditional Beaux-Arts Classicism of the Pentacrest, its new home would, by contrast, strive for a historicizing mode of Postmodernism in sympathy with that older style. But the Pappajohn Business Building reimagines the Classicism of the Pentacrest and its neighbor, Gilmore Hall, through a contemporary lens. A commanding edifice of aggregate stone, the structure refers to the legacy of Proudfoot and Bird while enjoying the freedom and stylistic diversity of Postmodernism. It strays from both the rules and ornaments of classical design as well as Modernism’s taboos against historical references. While alluding to the Pentacrest, the pedimented entrance porticoes with their paired column shafts at the entrances stand forward of the glass curtain walls, completely detached from the main body of the building. And they are self-consciously unclassical in their lack of ornament and in their top-heavy proportions. With Pappajohn’s denuded classicism, even the capitals are uncarved. The obsessive rectilinear geometry and prefabricated components, however, still pay homage to Modernism’s machine aesthetic as seen in Phillips Hall. Temple fronts with truncated pagodalike towers rise above the cornice at the juncture of the south and west wings as well as at their midpoints. Abundant clusters of money-green square cubes form generous shade canopies over the tables on the exposed courtyard terrace, and Pappajohn’s faux classicism also references iconic financial institutions like the New York Stock Exchange.


The building is accessible to persons with disabilities.

All entrances are accessible to wheelchairs and are equipped with power door openers.
The nearest designated accessible parking is located in the IMU Parking Ramp. The vehicular entrance to the parking ramp is located at the north end of Madison Street across from the Iowa Memorial Union. Exit the parking ramp at the east end of Level 4 to access PBB. Metered parking is also available at certain hours in the lower level of the building. Call (319) 335-1475 for information.
All public restrooms in the building are accessible to persons with disabilities.
All elevators in the building are accessible to persons with disabilities.