Pomerantz Center

Pomerantz Center

Pomerantz Center

What You'll Find Here

  • Academic Advising Center
  • Admission Visitors Center
  • Career Information Network
  • Executive MBA Program
  • MBA Career Services
  • Pearson Library
  • Pomerantz Career Center
  • Tippie School of Management
  • Classrooms and auditorium


213 North Clinton Street
Formal Name: 
Pomerantz Center
Savage-Ver Ploeg and Associates, inc., West Des Moines, Iowa

Named for Marvin A. Pomerantz, a 1952 graduate of the University of Iowa and a member of the University of Iowa Foundation Board of Directors, the Pomerantz Center functions as a hub for University outreach activities, including the Admission Visitors Center, Academic Advising Center, Alumni Career Exchange, Executive MBA Program, MBA Career Services, and the Marvin A. and Rose Lee Pomerantz Career Center. The facility also includes a 400-seat auditorium that replaced a large lecture room in the Chemistry Building when that building began a major renovation project in 2006. The Pomerantz Center’s activities focus mainly on the University’s external constituency, a purpose that is expressed in its design, which is emphatically polished and more corporate than its traditionally academic surroundings. Composed of glass, stone, and white metal panels, with pilotis and sun baffles to the west, the building self-consciously rejects the Classicism of the Pentacrest and even the scraped Classicism of the John Pappajohn Business Building. Instead, the metal panels and sun baffles create a visual connection to the Levitt Center for University Advancement. Another vivid visual statement is made by the tapering 1950s retro glass entry atrium, which addresses the corner of Market Street and the T. Anne Cleary Walkway and recalls corporate office architecture. A bronze bas-relief monument at the southeast corner of the Pomerantz Center marks the former site of the Iowa Child Welfare Research Station. Established in 1917, this research unit pioneered the study of normative child development. The sculpture represents a classically draped man and woman holding a scallop shell from which a small stream of water originally poured. A bird descends to drink from the shell, no doubt a punning allusion to Bird T. Baldwin, first director of the Research Station, in whose honor the fountain was originally erected near this site in 1928. The frog, fish, duck, and turtle that once perched on the edge of the wading pool have since vanished, along with the pool itself.


The building is fully accessible to persons with disabilities.

The main entrance is located on the southwest side of the building and is accessible. There is another accessible entrance on the north side of the building facing the south entrance of the Blank Honors Center. Both entrances are equipped with power door openers.
Accessible parking spaces are located in the North Campus Parking Ramp. There is also one accessible parking space in the small parking lot south of Daum Residence Hall.
All the restrooms in the building are accessible.
One elevator is located in each lobby.